Dehumidifier: Considerations When Purchasing One for Your Basement

A basement dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture in the air of the room or to lower the levels of humidity. Most people think that these appliances work in a complicated process, but the truth of the matter is they do this quite simply. The air is dried by being passed over a metal coil in the appliance. The cold coil condenses water from the air and as the water is collected, the crisp air is passed out. If your basement experiences damp conditions, you would be best advised in investing in this appliance for your home. Before doing so, there are a number of things to consider to ensure you are getting the right dehumidifier for your needs.

Size of the dehumidifier

A rule of thumb here is that the size of the dehumidifier is supposed to match the size of the room that it is being installed in. This is because the amount of moisture in a small room would be relatively less than the amount of humidity one will find in a larger room. Therefore, when picking out a dehumidifier for your basement, ensure you have measured the dimensions of the room so that you can have a better idea at the store of what would be most suitable. One thing to note though is that in some cases, you may need a large size dehumidifier for a smaller room simply due to the levels of humidity. For instance if there is a leak in the basement, humidity levels may be quite high and you may need a dehumidifier with a larger capacity as you are fixing the leak.

Temperature of the room

When it comes to finding the right dehumidifier, you have to consider the temperature that it will be working in. Different dehumidifiers are designed to work in different temperatures. A majority of them work optimally at room temperature. However, when it comes to the basement you may have to consider searching for one that can work in lower temperatures. This is because if the appliance is to freeze while in operation, it could be damaged and will lead to costly appliance repairs.

Additional features

Granted, the main aim of a dehumidifier would be to eliminate excessive moisture in the air. However, these appliances also come with a variety of other features you may find useful. For instance, you could opt for a dehumidifier that starts automatically and shuts down on its own.