Why You Should Install Motion Sensors on Your Property

Motion sensors activate lights when someone or something is detected while moving within the range of that device. This article discusses why motion sensors would be a useful addition to the electrical system of your home.

Lighting Your Way

It is common for many homeowners to return home after dark. Such homeowners may find it uncomfortable to walk in the dark as they approach their unoccupied homes. Motion sensors can help you by making a light to come on as you walk on the walkway towards your front door. This can help you to avoid tripping on an object, such as a creeping plant, as you move at night.

Keeping Pests at Bay

Some pests, such as raccoons and rabbits, may damage your lawn as they feed at night. Motion sensors can help you to manage that menace. This is because the bright lights that come on as soon as the motion sensors detect a movement will startle the pests and send them scampering away from your property. This will protect your yard from being torn up by those animals during their nocturnal activities.

Lowering Energy Costs

Motion sensors may also help you to keep your energy costs in check. This is because the lights will only come on when movement is detected in the operational zone of the sensors. This intermittent coming on of the lights will save some of the energy that would have been used if the lights had stayed on all night. The bulbs are also likely to last longer because they won't wear out due to constant use.

Detection of Intruders

Motion sensors can also play a key role in alerting you to the presence of intruders on your property. This is because the sudden coming on of the security lights will draw your attention as you are sleeping in a room that can be illuminated once the sensors turn on the lights. You can then peep through a window to confirm the presence of an intruder before you call for help from first responders, such as the police. Some intruders may also be scared off once a bright light on a property that they entered under the cover of darkness illuminates them suddenly.

Ask an electrical contractor to assess your property so that the best locations for the motion sensors can be selected. That professional will also help you to select the best products on the market so that you can enjoy all the benefits above.