Electrical Safety: Tips for the Holidays

As the holidays roll around, many people will have increased enthusiasm about creating a mood of festive cheer in their home. However, what some people do not realise is that they may be putting their loved ones at risk by not sticking to electrical safety when decorating their homes. With the numerous lights that are put up in the home, there is a higher chance of an electrical fire or some other hazard happening. Below are some electrical safety tips that you should keep in mind when decorating for the holidays.

Inspect the Christmas lights

Always inspect the Christmas lights for any signs of damage before you put them up. It is not uncommon to find homeowners reusing the same lights over and over each year, yet they forget to take the time to look for frayed wires, loose connections and more. Using damaged lights do not only pose the risk of electrocution to anyone who handles them, but it can also cause an electrical fire in your home.

Replace worn-out bulbs

Another safety precaution before putting up your Christmas lights would be to ensure that any worn-out bulbs have been removed and replaced. However, do not simply replace the bulbs with any type of bulb. You should ensure you are replacing them with bulbs of the correct wattage to ensure that the Christmas lights do not overload your electrical system. In addition to this, you may want to consider switching from the regular incandescent lights to LED lighting. LED lights do not radiate heat, therefore they pose minimal risk of a fire hazard in your home. Moreover, the LED lights consume less energy, which means savings for you in the long run during the festive season.

Only use outdoor lights for the exterior

Some homeowners like to take it a step further and decorate the exterior of their home too. However, do not make the mistake of simply hanging your regular decorative lights outdoors. These lights will be exposed to the elements, and if you are to experience inclement weather, the bulbs will become an electrical hazard. Instead, always ensure that any lighting decorations being used for outdoor applications have been designed to be exposed to the changing weather elements.

Eliminate dangling extension cords and wiring

Electrical wires and extension cords that are trailing can pose a tripping risk in your home. The more there are, the higher the chances that someone will get injured during the holidays. It would be bet to invest in soffit receptacles that will ensure these wires and cords are safely tucked out of sight. 

If you do run into any problems with your Christmas lights, be sure to contact an electrician for assistance.