Things to Include in Your Contract With an Electrician

Some inexperienced homeowners may not know what clauses to include when they are drafting a contract for some electrical work that they would like to be done in their homes. This article discusses some of the important information that a good electrical work contract should contain.

The Contractor's Information 

The contract that you sign with the electrician should have as much information as possible about that professional. For instance, his or her licence number, the address and phone contacts should be stipulated in the contract. This information will help you to be sure that you are dealing with someone who is legally authorised to do electrical work in the area. You can also use that information to reach the electrician in case you need his or her services later on.

Project Description

Homeowners may at times mean something else when they are defining the scope of a project that they would like a contractor to execute. This can cause disputes in case your understanding of the project differs from what the electrician understood as the scope of the project. It is therefore vital for you to describe what exactly you want the electrician to do. For instance, do you want him or her to upgrade the electrical panel in your home? This clarification will make it easy for you to evaluate whether all the work that you agreed upon was done.

Description of Materials

It is also important for the contract to describe the specifications of the materials that you would like the electrician to use during the project. Those materials should meet or even exceed the stipulations contained in the electrical code of your area. You should clearly state whose duty it will be to supply those materials. For example, the contract should state that the electrician will buy those materials in case you agreed that the contract price includes the cost of the materials.

Project Milestones and Timelines

It is advisable to state when you expect the work to start and end. This clause will help you to know for how long you will have to bear any inconveniences that may come with the work being done. It is also helpful to include the payment terms (milestones) in your contract. Funds can then be availed in time so that you aren't rushed when it is time to pay for the work.

Many electricians usually have draft contracts that can be fine-tuned in order to suit the different contexts of a given project. You can use that template as a guide for a comprehensive contract. Adjust it so that all the information above is agreed upon and reflected in the final contract that you both sign. You will then avoid many of the issues that arise when working relationships aren't clearly defined.