Why You Need to Ensure That Your Building Control Technology Is Up-To-Date

If you own or operate a large commercial operation, have you thought about just how old your building is? Many structures have been in use for decades and may still be equipped with out of date control technology, and in some cases, this may even be the original installation. You may spend many hours worrying about how competitive your operation is, when in reality part of the answer is all around you, in your archaic building. What should you be thinking about to try and bring everything up to date?

Your Building Is Costing You

A very significant part of the cost of any building is made up of the operating expenses required to maintain it on a daily basis. Energy consumption is, in turn, a significant part of that. If the control technology that you have in your building is anything more than a decade old, it's almost certain to be detrimentally affecting your bank account.

Retrofit Is the Answer

You need to be thinking about a retrofit, as soon as possible. You need to replace the older legacy system and upgrade the hardware as soon as you can, and it doesn't have to be very complex, time-consuming or costly to do so, either. You'll be able to achieve a return on your investment in next to no time, due to the operational savings you'll realise with the new technology.

Taking Stock of What You've Got

Start doing an inventory and begin with the basics. Look at all the control devices including sensors, meters, valves and all the wiring. Don't forget the components that may be small and seem insignificant but are nevertheless a part of the entire picture.

Dynamic Power Meters Will Help

Take your power meters as just one example. The modern-day version is not only smaller and more self-contained, but it's dynamic and able to communicate with a variety of outside controllers and suppliers. Your business needs to be able to interact with utility companies to take advantage of special tariffs and to contribute to keeping the grid intact. You may also find that one, modern-day power meter can do the job of several. All of this can add up to a lot of savings.

Lighting Is a Big Part of It

Don't forget all of your lighting equipment. It's very likely that you can slash the number of individual units, especially when you replace with LED lighting. You'll be able to test the luminescence of every space within your building, to make your use of energy far more efficient.

Starting the Ball Rolling

Have a word with a commercial electrician to begin the analysis so that you can plan your retrofit operation as soon as possible.