CCTV Installation Tips to Protect Your Business From Theft

Surveillance systems are great tools for securing your business from theft. Your approach should aim at securing the premises from intruders and protecting business valuables from employee theft. When installed correctly, surveillance systems can allow you to detect and deter crime before it happens. With this in mind, here are a few CCTV installation tips to increase the security of your premises.

Cover all blind spots

Outdoor blind spots allow intruders to access your premises without triggering your security system. Similarly, indoor blind spots allow rogue employees to steal without being captured by surveillance cameras. To deter theft and intrusion, you need to cover all the blind spots outside your business premises. These include corners, poorly lit areas outside the premises and building exits.

Install indoor cameras in all the rooms with valuables. Don't forget the entryways, hallways, offices, storerooms and back exit leading to the dumpster. Invest in high-quality cameras and design the installation to cover blind spots resulting from improper camera placement.

Use motion detection cameras

Motion detection cameras record video footage when they detect movement. Most modern cameras include motion detection as an additional feature. Thus, you can switch to this mode when you want to monitor activity at night or when the business is closed. This feature saves you from sifting through tons of recordings when you need to view an incident that happened in the past.

You can also install motion detection cameras in restricted areas such as the boss's office or safe room. If an employee attempts to access the restricted spaces, the surveillance cameras will alert you on your device. This feature can combat theft and help you take action on nosey employees. Another great location for motion cameras is the dumpster areas. It is not uncommon for employees to hide valuables in garbage bags and disguise them as trash.

Install hidden cameras where necessary

Surveillance cameras should deter crime in your business. Therefore, using visible cameras deters intruders from accessing the premises. Indoor CCTV cameras keep employees in check because they know someone is watching them. However, you can install hidden cameras to monitor employee behaviour and integrity.

Workers can easily find blind spots in your facility and take advantage of them. Using hidden cameras allows you to weed out dishonest employees. For example, a hidden camera in the storeroom can reveal employees who steal merchandise and products. Since there are no visible cameras in the room, one may assume no one will track the lost items to them. You can use the video footage as evidence for dismissing fraudulent workers.

Business surveillance systems require careful planning to avoid thefts from both employees and intruders. Contact an electrician in your area if you want to get your CCTV installation started.